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by William Lee Rand

As Reiki practitioners, we recognize the value Reiki provides in creating a life of health and well-being for ourselves and our family and friends. Many of us also provide Reiki sessions to others and teach classes, and for over thirty years, I have been one of the foremost proponents of the use of Reiki for this purpose.

At the same time, I have also recognized and encouraged healthy nutrition besides Reiki as a necessary part of promoting health and well-being. My education about nutrition started with my father, who lifted weights, was an archer, and used various nutritional supplements. I would often read the labels and ask him questions about nutrition. Then, when I was eighteen, I began going to health food stores and would talk with the owners about their products, and in fact, some had even developed their own supplements. In this way, over the years, I gained a deeper understanding of good nutrition and why it is needed to make us healthy and strong.

As I contemplated the value of nutrition, I realized that for each of the various activities a person is involved with, there is a different group of nutrients that the body needs to carry out that activity effectively. For example, to perform at peak performance, a long-distance runner requires a different nutritional formula than a weight lifter.

With this in mind, I realized it must also be true for people who use Reiki. And so, I considered methods I might use to discover more about what nutrients the body of a Reiki practitioner uses when they use Reiki, as well as which nutrients would enhance one’s ability to channel Reiki more effectively. And naturally, I called on Reiki to be my primary source of guidance and motivation in discovering this information. At first, I was interested in this information for my use, but as I continued, I realized that other Reiki practitioners would be interested too.

I began interviewing nutritional experts about Reiki and nutrition. I was fortunate to find someone who worked for a nutritional supplement manufacturer and was also a Reiki practitioner who was open to having long conversations with me about developing a multivitamin/mineral/herbal formula for Reiki practitioners. In addition, a holistic doctor who I see regularly, who is also a Reiki practitioner and has an extensive nutritional background, provided insights and recommendations. I also knew someone well-versed in electrodermal testing who was willing to help me with this project and provide detailed information about which nutrients are important for Reiki practitioners and the ideal dosages of each. And so, calling on this group of experts, I began developing the formula for my Reiki nutritional supplement.

With this method, I could zero in on a clearer understanding of exactly which nutrients Reiki people use when they give Reiki sessions and which ones would increase the vibration of the Reiki they channel. And I also wanted the formula to be based on the principles of nutritional science to be a source of balanced nutrition.

One thing l learned is that to work well, not only does a nutritional formula need to have the right vitamins, minerals, and herbs, but they must also be present in the right quantities. When this is achieved, all the nutrients work together to create a supplement of extraordinary nutritional value.

Once the formula was finalized, I received additional information about the ingredients in the vitamin formula. I work with a spiritual counselor who channels the Brothers and Sisters of the Light, who said they could work with the vitamin formula I had created, especially with the herbs. They said they knew which plants would grow the herbs in my formula and contacted the nature spirits that work with those plants. The nature spirits would enhance the plants, especially for my formula, to have the spiritual vibrations necessary to strengthen the Reiki energy of those who take the vitamins!

When we received this information, I felt a very wonderful loving feeling from the nature spirits who are grateful to be part of this process. I know this sounds fantastic, but this came through my spiritual counselor, who confirms it! So, this vitamin formula brings together the best of both the spiritual and material worlds to create a synergy of harmonious interaction that allows the spiritual energy of Reiki to flow more easily through you to benefit you and your clients.

I was also fortunate to find a custom nutritional supplement manufacturer with over twenty manufacturing plants around the USA who would work with me! They ensured that my product would have all the important certifications, including non-GMO, vegan, gluten, soy, and allergen-free, manufactured in an FDA registered facility, manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility, and manufactured in the USA.

William Lee Rand


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